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Executive Council - President - Nem W. Schlecht

President's Duties:
  1. The President shall act as chair of all Association affairs, shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Council and of the body of the Association, and shall appoint all chairs of all projects and committees unless otherwise specified in this Constitution.
  2. The President shall plan the agenda for all meetings of the Council and the body of the Association. Executive Council members may ask that items be placed on the agenda, said items will be placed on the agenda at the final discretion of the President.
  3. The President shall represent the Association at all NDGS opening and closing ceremonies, as well as any other formal functions deemed to require representation by the Executive Council.
  4. The President shall reserve the right to delegate responsibilities to any Association Officer.
  5. The President shall act as liaison between the Council and any Temporary Committee created per Article VII of this Constitution. Temporary Committees shall be directly responsible to the President.
  6. The President shall have voting privileges at meetings of the Association body only in the case of a tie. The President shall have full voting privileges at all meetings of the Executive Council.

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