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Publication Committee

  • Newsletter coming soon!
  • We are planning on sending out a newsletter to all NDGSAA Registered Alumni (those who have paid their dues) this next Spring. Look to the newsletter to contain articles on past Alumni, Alumni Reunions, and the upcoming NDGS program.

  • Taxes got you down?
  • Thinking about taxes? Well, why not think about a tax-deductable donation to the NDGSAA? We always need more money to help increase the payouts of the scholarships we offer our Alumni. Think about any donations or fund raisers you have been involved in? How many of those programs did you personally benefit from? Here's your chance to help out your fellow Alumni and help assure the continuation of a program that has changed all of our lives.

    Please contact our Treasurer to make a donation today! (If you would like your monetary donation to go to the Scholarship fund, please make sure to indicate so.)

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    The North Dakota Governor's School Alumni Association is a non-profit, equal opportunity organization.
    Publication Committee Chair: Anne Erickson